My experiences post total pancreatectomy.

Diabetes Blog Week 2014

on May 14, 2014

Happy Wednesday!!

I must apologize!! I’m a little behind in my blog week posts. I’m starting with Monday’s theme of what my adocacy, passion concerning diabetes is.

Besides the overall education about the cause of diabetes with the prevailing misconception is a big pet peeve of mine…that diabetes is caused by indulging in too much sugar, I won’t bore you with my thought on that. We all know that needs to change and I do my advocacy on that topic one person at a time (most recently my 7 year old neighbor who was talking about a classmates cause of diabetes. I figure the younger we educate people, the better!) But my passion recently is Medicare coverage of CGM’s. I have to admit, I’m a little selfish when it comes to this. I recently turned 53 & learned that my conceived notion that Medicare would let those of us already using CGM’s continue was absolutely wrong. I researched the issue and have become outraged at Medicare’s archaic notions that CGM’s are NOT medically necessary despite what the prescribing physician think and prescribes. Despite the fact that many of us will have been using this technology for years, they will take it away, welcoming you, of course to continue to fund it out of pocket if you wish to continue!!

I have taken to contacting my representatives, Stephen Lynch-congress, Elizabeth Warren-senate & Ed Markey-senate from Massachusetts, in my attempt to bring them on board of this issue. I have to admit, I’ve been a lazy constituent in my adult years, except for recent diabetes issues, among them Strip Safety, I have taken to contacting these men and woman on a regular basis (They’re even in my contacts, LOL!! But am I in theirs?? Hmm, they’re probably thinking of taking an email restraining order out on me at this point…but I digress.). They’re gonna get sick of hearing from me!! But I have to admit, they have been nothing but gracious in replying to my emails.

As for me, I turned 53 in February & recently learned that my CGM can & will be taken away from me when I turn 65 in 8 years (2022, if my math is correct!! I can count carbs, but beyond that I’m math challenged.) Like all of you using CGM, I have become reliant on the information my CGM provides me & and I can’t imagine living without it. Yet, also like many of you, I don’t have the funds to pay out of pocket to continue this therapy management. The fact that Medicare dictates what is and is not medically necessary despite what a prescribing physician think, makes me crazier than I already am!! (don’t get me started on the same practice in private insurance!! I fight & appeal my insurance at every turn regarding this concept.)

I don’t know if my army of one will change anything, but as a community of millions strong we can! We will all be 65 one day and on Medicare, so this issue will concern each and every one of us at some time. Please consider contacting your senate and/or congress person to let them know of our life saving technology (which I believe it is) and the need to change these outdated Medicare policies.

Have a great day!! And, remember…check, don’t guess!!



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