My experiences post total pancreatectomy.


on May 25, 2014

Happy Sunday!!! Hope your Memorial Day Weekend is off to a great start & you’re having better weather than we are in New England, although tomorrow’s supposed to be 80’s & HUMID!!!! Seriously, Mother Nature, can you say spring???!! I’m walking around in quilted vests with a fleece over top just to stay warm while sitting on my swing on the deck outside. It’s supposed to be spring !! The unofficial start of the summer!! And, I’m bundled up like it’s still February!!! I swear to God, if we don’t get some spring weather soon…well, I don’t know what I’ll do but continue to complain about the weather! That’s what we do here in the Northeast, complain, complain, complain but NEVER move!!!

I guess it could be worse. I could be complaining about these stinking lows I’ve been dealing with despite some recent tweaks to my basal. To me, lows are very scary!! I can’t get my brain engaged enough to recognize I’m low, so that means I can’t form the right words to say I’m low to get some help. I HATE that!!!!

When I’m low, I actually have these arguments with myself in my head.

“Something’s up!”

“No, you’re just hungry.”

“No, maybe you should check a BG?”

“WHAT??!! Are you out of your mind?? I just checked 15 mins ago and I had a snack I didn’t bolus for, so there’s NO WAY I’m low. If anything I’m probably high (BG wise of course!)

“I’m telling you I feel weird and I want you to check!”


I’m not kidding!! This goes thru my mind, but do I pick up the meter or even Dex… (who’s right on my waist! Don’t have to extend much effort to check Dex!)  But my brain seems to function at a lower level when I’m low, so it takes a few minutes for me to actually recognize I’m low. I do eventually check but it takes me a few minutes to engage my brain enough to decide to check. You’d think it would be automatic by now!! OK, I’m a little slow on the uptake. Did I mention I’m new at this?? (Seriously, in 20 years, I’m still gonna be using that excuse!)


Then there’s the ravenous hunger but we’re cautioned about feeding that hunger and to only eat 15 gms of garbs for a low. Not only that, then I’m supposed to wait 15 mins before I check again to see if I need more carbs!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!????? Wait 15 mins!! I can’t wait 10 seconds!! My body is screaming for food & I’m supposed to sit quietly and wait. (Did I mention that I also lack patience?? I once wore a path in the concrete in front of my house, pacing, waiting for the UPS guy to arrive. But in my defense he was bringing me my newly purchased Brother sewing machine. That day should have been named a national holiday. What?? Did I mention I LOVE to sew?? Sorry, I digress)

When I’m low, I know that 3 rolls of Smarties equals 18 gms of carbs which is enough to raise me 25 points. But as I’m eating my 4th and 5th roll, again I’m arguing with myself in my head because I know I’m going to rebound so high and then I’ll be chasing my BG for hours. So, I can emphatically state…I HATE LOWS!!!!

But, having said that, I can appreciate lows and I’m glad to have some awareness of my lows. I used to have a lot more low symptoms but now I don’t feel them until I’m in the 40’s, so that’s where Dex comes in!! I have Dex set to 70 for a low so that I can catch it before I become ravenous and devour the contents of my fridge. (Sadly, at the moment, there’s not much in it. It’s time to go grocery shopping, so I better not have a rip, roaring low that need many carbs to satisfy, although I did recently stock up on Smarties.) Since I’ve been using Dex, I’ve been able to catch a low in its tracks before I’m able to feel the symptoms. This way I can only eat the 3 rolls of Smarties preventing the rebound high game.


I’m very fortunate to have my pump and Dex. They help me to manage this “Daily Guessing Game” in a more productive manner and I’m very grateful for this. I’m also very fortunate to have an excellent endo team of people who keep me safe and are excellent at not placing blame when my numbers haven’t been good, high or low.


Enjoy the rest of the Memorial Day weekend and a HUGE thank you to members of our armed forces for keeping us safe!! I appreciate your dedicated service to our country. Thank you for that!!!


And, remember, TEST! DON’T GUESS!!!!


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