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Friends For Life Conference 2014

on June 22, 2014

I’m excited to say I’m going to my first Friends For Life conference in Orlando put on by Children With Diabetes organization and supported by many of the diabetes tech and insulin makers. I’m a little nervous because I’m going totally alone but I’m sure I’ll make some great new friends along the way.

I recently became a Glu Ambassador so I will be volunteering some of my time at the Glu booth greeting people in the exhibition hall, so I will be spending some time with my friends from Glu and meeting new people, so, I’m looking forward to that!

I’ve registered for a diabetes advocacy program called MasterLab, masterminded by the people at Diabetes Hands Foundation. I’m hoping to soon become a member of Diabetes Advocacy and hope to become more involved with promoting access to all treatments for diabetes for everyone despite insurance or no insurance. As you know from my first post during blog week, my advocacy baby is getting Medicare on board with everyone on Medicare having access to CGM’s. Once a PWD hits 65 yrs old and has Medicare as their primary insurance, if that person has been using a CGM covered by private insurance, Medicare will NOT cover it and the PWD is invited to pay out-of-pocket or lose their CGM. IMHO, this is ridiculous!! And, don’t get me started on the limited amount of strip coverage that exists. Unbelievably, the argument that these modalities prevent or stave of the incidence of diabetes related complication, thereby reducing costs, doesn’t seem to matter. So, this is just the first topic of my advocacy efforts. I’ve already written to my local Reps and Senators as a first step in the process.

I, also, believe strongly in uniting the PWD with others struggling with diabetes and similar issues. Education makes us stronger and, again, IMHO, better able to manage our diabetes, no  matter the type. This blog grew out of my need to belong and find others struggling and feeling very much alone as I was. I hope you all are enjoying my posts and I appreciate you all following along reading my posts and commenting. It means the world to me. If I touch just one person and make a difference in her/his life, I’ve accomplished my original goal. (BTW, if there is anything you want me to cover just comment and let me know!)

Is there anything you would like me to gather info for at Friends For Life (FFL)? Any areas where you’re seeking answers to questions you have? Let me know if I can research and gather any specific info you would like or need. I’m going to this conference, first and foremost to connect with other PWD but also, equally as important, to strengthen my knowledge base. I’m really looking forward to the MasterLAb but I’m also hoping to go to Gary Scheiner’s presentation called, “Strike The Spike” dealing with after meal high BG (also known as postprandial spikes…medical jargon at its best!!).

Joe Soloweijczyk, RN, CDE is also presenting a talk called, “It’s Not Just A Numbers Game”. I’ve recently become acquainted with his work online. He has a five informational presentations called “Chalk Talks” on you tube if your interested. And Tudiabetes did an interview with Joe about diabetes in his life. I was riveted to my computer. It lasted an hour and I was sad when it was over. He’s an awesome diabetes advocate. I first learned of him thru Kelley Kunik’s blog “diabetesaliciousness”.  She became acquainted with him during her first days as a child with diabetes when Joe was just a college student forging his way in the world.

Sorry, I’m babbling but I just wanted to give you an idea of what I will be doing starting in nine days. I’ll write a couple of posts when I get back reviewing all that I learned so I can pass it along to you. My biggest goal in going to Orlando, is being able to grow my blog and increase the quality of my writing and the info presented. I don’t want to be “just another diabetes blog”! I want to help other people with her/his daily managing and have something interesting to say.

Thank you all for following along so far!! I appreciate the support!!

Have a great Sunday!!


And Remember!! CHECK!! DON’T GUESS!!


2 responses to “Friends For Life Conference 2014

  1. Karen says:

    Yay!!!! I’ll be at FFL and MasterLab and I can’t wait to meet you!!!!

  2. n1iwr says:

    Karen, It will be an honor to meet you!! I have been following your blog for a while now & maybe we can chat knitting too!! Thanks for reading & taking the time to comment!! I really appreciate it!!

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