My experiences post total pancreatectomy.

It’s A Guessing Game To Figure Out What Effects Our Blood Sugar

on July 23, 2017

My sleep has been off lately and I’m working with a sleep specialist to get to the bottom of my issues…but HOLY Cow!!!! A recent nightmare caused more havoc than a sweet snack would have!!!

I understand that anything that causes flight or fight response will release cortisol and cause a higher than desired BG but I learned a valuable lesson the other night. I had a nightmare from Hell that caused me to wake up crying and in a drenching sweat but what I hadn’t anticipated was a REALLY HIGH BG!!!! It was a long hellish dream but I really don’t know how long I had experienced it.  Soon after I woke up, my Dexcom started alarming that my BG was high and I figured out I must have slept through earlier alarms alerting me to high bg’s because by the time I acknowledged my high Dexcom alarm, I was over 250!!!! And my high alarm is set at 170, so I must have really been engrossed in the dream.

I’ve never had a high BG before no matter what I dream about even the anxiety driven dreams of trying to run someplace but never getting there. I don’t remember the dream. I just remember waking up with my heart racing and sweat pouring off my brow. When I checked my Dex I was shocked to see how high it was!! With the sweating, I most  certainly thought I must be low but that was not the case.

I got up and did a finger stick which confirmed my high level so I did a correction bolus thinking it would come down in due time…BUT it didn’t!!! I must have had a doozie of a nightmare because I chased a high for hours despite a few correction boluses!! I even changed my infusion set and gave a needle injection for a correction thinking my set must have been bad despite the perfect looking cannula when I removed it!!

Moral of my post, be on the lookout for anything and everything to effect ur BG whether it be a high or low reading. I can add a bad nightmare to the growing lost of things that cause me to go high!!!! IMHO…it’s a never ending list a causative factors for a high or a low. SO I’m learning to be on my toes and to expect the unexpected BG from a myriad of experiences.


Check, Don’t Guess!!!

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