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Sugar Surfing Comes to the Boston Area

Dr Stephen Ponder made his way to Braintree, Massachusetts on September 9, 2017 to present a Sugar Surfing workshop. It took months of planning to pull it off, but we did it!!!! It was held at Thayer Public Library in Braintree & there was a great crowd that came to hear Dr Ponder speak about Dynamic Diabetes Management, also known as Sugar Surfing. We had people from Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, New York and from all over the New England area. I’m still in shock that it actually came to be!!

I discovered the concept of Sugar Surfing in early 2016 from meandering around the DOC (diabetes online community). Everyone was talking about a new book, Sugar Surfing & how it was helping to make daily diabetes management a little easier. I quickly ordered the book to discover for myself what this concept was all about & almost read it, cover to cover, in one sitting. It sounded amazing but it was also very detail oriented & it involves working with your CGM very closely. Could I do it??? I wasn’t sure. (If you want to learn more about Sugar Surfing, check out their website, &/or purchase the book, Sugar Surfing, at Amazon.) I struggled for a few weeks making slow progress but I was undeterred. I wasn’t going to give up because I believed this would help me once I got the hang of it.

I had heard that Dr Ponder was doing workshops around the country and even internationally, so I thought, great!! Surely he would come to Boston. I waited a couple of months for someone, somewhere in the Boston area to organize a workshop here but it never happened. I would have to be the someone who had to plan it, if I wanted to hear Dr Ponder speak.. From that point onward, I was determined to make it happen!! But how????

On a quiet day, mid 2016, I decided to message Dr Ponder on Facebook and invite him to come to the Boston area to do a workshop. But I didn’t think anything would come of it. I’m just a small town, middle aged woman who is chronically ill and in & out of the hospital. I’m unknown in the diabetes community, so surely he wouldn’t want to come… But much to my surprise, he said yes!!!!! Oh no!!! What am I gonna do now, I thought to myself.

Dr Ponder hooked me up with some incredible support people who had experience planning one of these workshops & of course, he was a source of great information as well. It took us about seven months to get all the details lined up and in place and thankfully, we pulled it off.

We got great feedback from many who attended, so I think it was well received by all. There were even a few insulin dependent type twos in the audience who were very excited to use what they had learned in their own diabetes management. I’m very happy that we had made it happen, was well attended & people were very happy with the content presented and eager to make some changes to her or his individual management.

So, based on my Sugar Surfing workshop experience, I would recommend that anyone interested in Dynamic Diabetes Management, attend a workshop presented by Dr Ponder. And if there isn’t one in your area, do what I did, plan on hosting one yourself. I’m happy to help support anyone who wants to go this route, so contact me here or at my email, Dr Ponder is an EXCELLENT speaker. He presented the material in a way we all could understand and he was very receptive to questions. I found that having read the book before I went to a workshop, I was able to understand the concepts involved much more easily than having just read the book. But that’s just my style of learning. I’m sure many can just read the book and be fine with applying the principles. The website is also a great source of Sugar Surfing material.

My thanks to Dr Ponder and all the others who helped me bring Sugar Surfing to Boston!!


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