My experiences post total pancreatectomy.


I have dealt with chronic pancreatitis for over 25 years, but thankfully my quality of life has improved greatly since February 8, 2013 when I had a completion pancreatectomy with islet autologous transplant. Unfortunately, my islet transplant failed & I became a surgical person with diabetes.

It has been a year & 84 days that I have been dealing with T1D. I started out on NPH & Novolog multiple daily injections (MDI) but I hated doing them. I started on a Medtronics Mini Med Paradigm Pump on March 26, 2013 & have been loving it ever since! My pump has greatly improved my blood sugar control & has allowed me greater freedom in managing my diabetes.

I started CGMS therapy with the Medtronics Sof-sensor CGM on April 1, 2013 & upgraded to the Medtronics 530 G pump with Enlite CGM. Unfortunately, I discovered Medtronics CGM was not for me, so I switched to the Dexcom 4 Platinum CGM on March 27, 2014. I’m really enjoying the Dexcom. It’s been very accurate for me & I no longer get incorrect, nuisance alarms. It’s been a good fit for me. I still continue with the 530 G pump & my warranty isn’t up for almost four more years. If Dexcom integrates into another brand of pump, when my pump warranty is up, I will switch out to that pump. But for now, It’s my Medtronics pump all the way.


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